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Oilily hooded fur coat with flower application

Oilily hooded fur coat with flower application

Size on tag 104, estimated fit 3/5 years


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Materials and care

Nowadays we know how natural, sustainable materials are a better option.

This is surely true for brand new items. But when it comes to vintage and pre-loved, since now this clothing are already here, the most sustainable option is to continue to give them a new life as long as this is possible. Polyester fabrics, as well as their exotic prints, bright colors and embroidered details, were very popular in the past, especially during the 1970s and 1980s. 

Vintage clothing have been around for a while and, with proper care and storage, vintage clothing can continue to last a very long time.

Find in our blog our tips about how to show your love to your favorite clothing.

...and long live to the Vintage!


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Do note that true vintage clothing is often a bit smaller than today's sizing.

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